As competition in the retail industry grows, consumers are faced with increasing choices – across retailers, across product lines and across channels. To succeed in this environment, retailers must differentiate the shopping experience - customer interactions must become richer, more personalized and more interactive.

Increasingly, industry leaders are focusing on “customer-centric retailing,” an approach that examines and redesigns a broad range of retail business processes. QuickSale addresses these strategic issues with its integrated customer relations management module and through various management reports and graphs.

  • State of the art point of sale application.
  • Complete stock control and management.
  • Order and invoice processing.
  • Customer accounts and management.
  • Sales and stock reports.
  • In-depth user audit trail.

The QuickSale system can be run on a single computer or on any number of selling points linked to a central database through a network. The database is non-proprietary and open to various technologies available in the market.

Industries Served

We have been serving many different types of industries since 2004. We can help you sell any product in any industry. Some of our clients include the following industries:

  • General retail
  • Butcheries
  • Restaurant and fast food outlets
  • Guest house and hospitality industry
  • Craft and Christmas markets
  • Service-based industries such as hair salons and spa's


A large number of reports exist for proper stock and sales reporting. Some of the QuickSale reports include the following:

  • Daily sales detail
  • Daily sales summary (By payment type)
  • Sales summary by transaction
  • VAT summary
  • Stock take
  • Low stock level

The QuickSale system provides a comprehensive audit trail facility. Every user action executed is logged to the audit trail for random review. The audit trail clearly depicts all user actions during a session to enable problem solving, control and supervision.

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